MarkShot’s STK/EAW Shoot to Kill / European Air War

(Written 03/31/00, v01.06 on 01/05/01)

by Mark “MarkShot” Kratzer

Shoot to Kill


The purpose of this guide is to introduce beginning players and veterans alike to what they need to know to effectively play Microprose’s European Air War in one-versus-one engagements (full realism options) on Microsoft’s gaming site.


For me, there have been three great periods of one-versus-one engagements with human players. They are:

  • Falcon 3.0 (guns and missiles)
  • Su-27 Flanker 1.0-1.5 (guns only)
  • European Air War

The original STK (Shoot to Kill for Falcon 3) was born out of direct modem to modem engagements during the time period when I climbed to the top of Compuserve’s Falcon 3 Ladder. It was 60+ page compilation of email guidance and tips.

In my Flanker days, I did a lot of instruction via text chat, but never endeavored to produce a compilation of what I learned.

Now flying EAW on the Zone, I find myself often tutoring in text chat after a number of kills. It is time for me to produce a new STK to share with other EAW enthusiasts.

I hope that recruit and ace alike will find this document useful.


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