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July 17, 2007

Jane’s USAF (Backstage)

by Guest Writer Panagiotis "No Fear" Fokas
(Gulf Knight Site Moderator)


Jane’s USAF (Backstage)


One of the things I often wonder about when I play and enjoy a game is who the people that made this possible are. What urged them to care so much and dedicate their time to make a difference? Why and how do they do what they do? It is a rare occasion that such questions are answered. So please join me as I take you ‘backstage’ to meet the members of the USAF development team; a group of people from various countries (the USA, Germany, Kuwait, and Italy) that have shaped this great game!

Brief Presentation

So ladies and gentlemen, flight sim enthusiasts and gamers, it is with great honor, pride, and joy that I present (in no particular order):

Mohamad "Gulf Knight" M. Al Mishwit David "Slikk" Taylor
Mohamad "Gulf Knight" M. Al Mishwit
Administrator of Gulf Knight’s site,
Skinner, Modeler
David "Slikk" Taylor
Creator of the Super Pro
9.2 / 9.4 Series
Rainer "COWAR" Echternach
Davide "Davide" Cestelli
Rainer "COWAR" Echternach
Creator of MiniPro
Davide "Davide" Cestelli
Creator of Super Pro
& MiniPro Utilities Suite
Thomas "Tommy29" Leitner
Thomas "Tommy29" Leitner
Skinner and Pit Designer

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