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And Now For Something Completely Different…

Traffic 2005 features some really fun and innovative ideas. It’s not just airplanes. One of the funniest was the Follow Me car. You can run all over your favorite airports in this thing and listen to the Tower and Ground frequencies to find what’s landing or taking off from where.

Follow Me

A real challenge is meeting an aircraft on the ground and directing it to its destination. While it’s fun to go screaming down the taxiways at flank speed, it’s really not a bad tool to get familiar with some of your favorite airports. You get a really nice tower view, which is great for spotting planes and seeing the activity all over the entire airport. Try this out on JFK or Charles de Gaulle and you get an idea of just how darn busy these places get. It’s amazing the amount of stuff Just Flight packed into one retail release.

Tower view

If the tower view doesn’t do it for you, just use the Spotty tool. It’s an airplane spotting feature that puts you on the threshold of active runways and gives you a sack full of interesting tools to make watching aircraft traffic that much more engrossing. Crank the traffic slider all the way up and sit on the end of the runway in your lawn chair with a cold beer and enjoy the view!


But My Dream Was to Fly for Yemenair…

You’re going to see a lot of aircraft and a lot of liveries and you’re going to ask, no, you’re to beg, “Can I fly them?”


The answer is yes. You can take any aircraft in any of their compatible liveries and make it a flyable plane. No kidding. Bad news is, not one of them has the virtual cockpit available that I could tell. That may not bother you, but I spend a lot of time in the VC. I will say this, though. Thanks, Just Flight. You could have just made them all something to look at and told us, “Too bad. We can’t be bothered to let you fly them.”

But you even included a nice little importer tool to let us pick and choose which airplane and which liveries we want for them. This is one of the nicest little gifts in this package and it marks the work of true enthusiasts.

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