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September 6, 2007

F-16C Block 25 Launch -or- Man, I Love My Job!
Real World Start-Up in the Falcon

by Jay "Weasel_Keeper" Jenkins


“Crew Step”

It's 40 minutes prior to take off.

The Crew Chief (me) has already pulled the nose gear and tail hook pins, the seat pins and the ground cord has been disconnected. The comm cord is plugged in, and the headset is hanging on a pylon. The panels are open for inspection and that includes the two hydraulic gauge doors, EPU (Emergency Power Unit) oil and pressure gauge door, JFS / brake accumulator door, ADG / CSD generator (Accessory Drive Gearbox / Constant Speed Drive) door, oil servicing door, flight control accumulator gauge door, and the bit ball door.


The pilot arrives and shakes my hand. 

“How’s it going Chief?” 

“Not too bad sir, you?” 

“Good…how’s the jet? Anything in the forms?” 

“Been flying code 1 sir, forms are clean.”

The pilot looks over the forms then proceeds to the crew ladder. He inserts the AVTR HUD / MFD tapes and climbs ladder to prepare the cockpit.  Back down the ladder to do preflight walk around inspection with me close on his heels to answer any questions or ease his mind about any minor gripes.

Preflight walk around.

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