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Installation and Play on Modern Systems

I shall only cover Longbow 2 here, as that is the game that everyone wants to know how to get to work on modern computers.

Why do you need an install guide to get LB2 running I hear you ask? Well, with the more modern Windows operating systems (post Win98), these use a totally redefined architecture. Windows XP was the first one to be incompatible with the game. Plus, the faster and more advanced the hardware gets, the more it can render old games virtually unplayable. Too much CPU speed and RAM are the most common causes. So various people came up with solutions along the way, and many people even today, still don’t realize that you CAN install and play LB2 on newer PCs.

As you can probably imagine, not every setup method works with every computer. Even when you do get the game running, there are number of factors that can corrupt things and make certain controls and input devices insufficient. These factors can include which version of an operating system you’re using, hardware installed, software installed and controllers used. Common side-effects due to too much CPU speed, include: the yaw speed not being as fast as it should be, having to pull the joystick trigger repeatedly to fire the cannon, and rockets falling short of their intended targets.

Follow these simple steps to get the game running on Windows XP with full graphics capabilities, on most, but not all PCs…

1) Install the game on Full Install
2) Install Patch v2.09
3) Install the Display Driver Update
4) Copy the modified CA.INI file into the LB2 directory (overwrite the existing file when it asks)
5) Install the dgVoodoo glide wrapper into the LB2 directory
6) Setup dgVoodoo
7) Run the DDU and switch to 3DFX
8) Run the game and set all graphics options to maximum

Well, that is the basis of it. However, you will want to check out the additional and more detailed steps on the two leading web sites that deal with this, and to get the links to the patches and programs needed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people…

Jane’s, Origin, Electronic Arts, AV8R, BeamRider, CPR, DEGE, Eugene, Franze, guod, I B Spectre, iamfritz, Keith Bedford, Lionpride, Mario Brito, No Use For A Name, Pappy, PositiveG, Recluse, Reticuli, Richard ‘Flexman’ Hawley, Shadow=ASP=, SimHQ, SwedeX, The Punisher, TheSilkMan, Vikingo, zeckensack, and anyone else who may have slipped my mind…

Without these people, this brilliant sim series would not exist, would not have panned out so long, and would not even be playable or understood as it is today. Nor would this article have been possible, as these people have greatly enhanced my knowledge.

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