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SimHQ: Can you say if your new product is modular or single title based?

Jason: I have every intention on making it a modular design that allows for additional theatres and aircraft to be added. I consider that a must if we are to be successful in the long run.

SimHQ: Do you think you will allow mods and will it be open source?

"Will the sim be open source? Absolutely not. I want to preserve the integrity of the flight-models and/or online experience."Jason: I have a plan for mods that I think will work well and is unique. Will the sim be open source? Absolutely not. I want to preserve the integrity of the flight-models and/or online experience. Much like what Oleg has done. Don’t get me wrong, open source works for other titles, but I don’t think it will work for mine. I think too much open source can cause confusion and you can spend more time installing and tinkering than playing. That’s what happened with me on Third Wire sims and to some degree FS2004 / FSX. Simply too much good stuff. However, I recognize that simmers want to personalize their install and tinker with things so obviously I want to give the community something substantial to play with. Skins, sounds, missions, comms, gun convergence, menus etc. are all areas we will explore as possible candidates for modding.

SimHQ: Have you already decided how you will sell it to potential customers?

Jason: I have many sales and distribution options at my disposal so I am not worried about getting it to market. With both retail distribution and digital distribution working in unison I can reach a worldwide audience. This is where my Game-Xpert experience comes into play.

SimHQ: Since you are not going to tell us right now what you are going to build, tell us your most memorable flight sim moment?

Jason: An example of how bad I was addicted to and probably still am to flight sims. Way back in college I studied Political Science in the great state of Nevada. I landed a paid internship at the State Capitol in Carson City. For a young politico like me this was a dream job. At 23 I was the legislative aide to the Senate Majority Leader of the State Senate of Nevada. He was basically the second most powerful man in the entire state other than the Governor. One night there was a party at the Governor’s Mansion. The Governor and all kinds of VIPs would be there, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors, celebrities etc., etc. This was my chance to be a big-shot and position myself as a potential future political candidate back in Las Vegas after I graduated. Well, instead of going to the party I went home and kicked on my Acer Pentium Pro 100 which had two Voodoo 2 cards installed in SLI configuration and a huge 17” CRT. What did I do? I played Jane’s Fighters Anthology and Longbow 2 all night long! I was in pure heaven! Needless to say my boss scolded me the next day for not attending the party and embarrassing him by not showing up. Well, that was ok because I went back into my office and pulled out the Longbow 2 manual I had secretly put in my desk drawer and continued reading about SAM sites and enemy armor. Now that is a fond flight sim memory for me.

SimHQ: Thanks Jason for letting us know initial details about your new business project. We wish you the best of luck and are anxious to hear what historic era and features it will include.


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