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Fire Up The Holodeck, Number One…

The virtual cockpit has to be sort of “switched on” from the 2D cockpit view, but it’s not that difficult… unless you’re about to bang your head on your desk because you can’t find any reference to it in the manual after an hour of looking and then you meander onto the Just Flight web site only to see the procedure for bringing it up in huge block letters on the Support page.

2D Cockpit View

Throttle Stack

The office of the DC-10 is spacious. You could fly the plane, prepare a seven course meal, and change the engine out of a 1984 Chevrolet Silverado pickup and you’d still have room for the pilot’s wallet.

Or his testicles. There’s a reason the cockpit of the wide-bodies are so high off the ground. The pilot’s gonads need to fit under him for comfortable seating. Trying to land this leviathan is part skill, part luck and mostly voodoo. The autopilot and flight director gear works pretty much the same way as all the other autopilot equipment in every other aircraft you fly. However, this thing is huge. There is an enormous amount of mass heading for Earth when you attempt a landing and I almost always busted them.

I noticed some opacity problems with the 3D virtual cockpit windows when using an ATI card. As in, they weren’t. After purchasing a Vista-equipped Gateway and installing an NVIDIA graphics card, I noticed I could actually see out of the windows, which I liked. It took the product from a “don’t buy” to a “yeah, go ahead and get it” in just one afternoon… and $700 dollars later.

We Dare You To Stop And Ask Directions From THIS Gas Station

One other bonus is the inclusion of the military airborne refueling tanker version, the KC-10 Extender. It’s a thoroughly stunning airframe and livery. MATS junkies will have a field day with this one.



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