IL-2 Series: Fundamentals of Teamwork Page 3

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“Loosey Deucy”  The most common and effective pairing is the Wingman slightly lower and to the right or left of the Leader with about fifty to one hundred meters distance. If the pair is too close together, they represent a single target to an unseen attacker! The Wingman is lower in order to see the Leader and keep formation.

“Loosey Deucy”

Line Abreast  Side-by-side, with both splitting the sphere of scanning the skies for enemies.

Line Abreast

Line Astern  Ducks in a row. Usually caused by the Leader outrunning the Wingman, it’s also the most common formation when attacking ground targets.

Line Astern

Overwatch  The Wingman is high and to the side of the Leader, with two to three hundred meters separation. The Wingman must be far enough left or right to easily see and keep with the Leader. It’s a good technique if the Leader has just finished a successful attack and is attempting to regain energy.


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