DCS: Black Shark English Version – Part 2

by Ken “531 Ghost” King


This report will address the feature differences between the two language versions, the Encyclopedia, System Requirements, and Flight Impressions for the Game and Simulation Modes.

DCSFeature Differences (Russian and English Releases)

One of the big questions, what are the differences between the Russian version and the English version? Here are the differences that we were able to determine:

  • The Russian release has 3 activations and 10 deactivations; the English release has 8 activations and 10 deactivations.
  • Excepting some non-critical cockpit door panels, the entire cockpit is refinished and complete in the English version.
  • The voice-overs in the training videos are in English. This is a big-deal and in my opinion enough reason all on it’s own to spring for the English version.
  • The documentation is in the respective language.
  • The English version has additional missions and replay tracks (trk files).
  • All radio messages are in English (wingmen, ATC, ground crew, Rita).
  • The ABRIS advanced moving map display is all in English.
  • Several game play elements have been tuned in the English version such as the flare smoke.
  • The Russian release has 1 campaign and the English release has a more extensive four-part “Georgian Oil War” campaign with over 100 inclusive missions. The comparison screenshot below of the Russian and English campaigns reflect the differences.

Campaigns comparison

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