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Fly a mission, save the track (trk files) then you can refly them in the Replay capability. As mentioned earlier, trk files can be made into avi video files, then edited into works-of-art like this from Glowing Amraam. Being able to go back and live your successes as well as your failures (“where the hell did that mud launch come from…?”) makes you a better pilot, and if you’re into video editing, creates a whole new hobby within a hobby.



We hope that in this series you’ve gained an appreciation of all that DCS Black Shark is and will be.

We at SimHQ are very impressed by what we’ve seen so far. It has the vision and reach and depth that all who crave detail in simulations want. As we said at the outset, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a study flight simulation with the hard core center that many of us want. Well, it’s here, or nearly here.

Join us as we continue to explore DCS: Black Shark further in the next few days and for quite some time. We promise we’ll continue to deliver the latest on this new combat helicopter simulation.

Watch for an exclusive SimHQ interview on Tuesday with DCS: Black Shark Producer, Matt “Wags” Wagner.

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