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More on Controllers in DCS: Black Shark

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Customizing the Controller Setup

Now let’s take a look at using the CH Products HOTAS setup. To demonstrate how DCS: Black Shark allows expanded controller settings, let’s take some time to customize (and watch Ghost’s eyes light up as he gets to play with the toys).

Customize the controller settings

For controls, I’ll be using CH Products, FighterStick, ProThrottle, ProPedals, Throttle Quadrant, and Multi Function Panel. I will also be using an XKeys Pro USB.

I will be using two separate configurations/.maps, one for Game Mode, and one for Simulation Mode.

For this portion of the review I will be demonstrating the axis assignment procedures with both CH Products Control Manager, and DCS: Black Shark.

First, we’ll build a .map in Control Manager. Typically I’ll use the Map Wizard to select the controllers I’ll be using in my .map.

Map Creation Wizard

Then, to take full advantage of the multiple controller capabilities in the game, we will not be combining them.

Map Creation Wizard

You’ll most likely want Scripting capabilities in your .map so, when prompted, click “Yes”.

Map Creation Wizard

Then, you’ll be prompted to either Cancel or Finish creating the .map.

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