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New Features

From what we could see, there is unbelievable attention to details in the graphics. The work within the confines of the game itself is a feat of magic. The YAP2 team has created triggers and animations that take the sim far beyond what the original WOV installation offers.

The new helicopter flight model created by the YAP2 team actually makes a helicopter feel like an actual helicopter instead of… words fail me.

The Huey at work

We were entranced looking at the instrument panel of the Rhino. Do that for a while and you’ll find yourself very dead thanks to a flying telephone pole.

One of the first things that will take your breath away is the cloud cover. The haze, the particle mass, and dirty weather have all been lovingly re-created by the team, giving you a feeling of apprehension as you take to the air. Most of all we were wondering, so when does the monsoon season really start around here, anyway? There’s all different types, from high puffy ones in the bright sun, to low level fog and cloud cover on the harbor and beach areas. And then, darker clouds above that, thunderstorms, openings where you can dive through and find your bearings. When things disappear in a cloud bank, you may not find them again very easily, or at all. It’s a tough factor in a tough environment. Already, many is the times we’ve rolled onto the IP and thought, “Oh please, let there be clear weather over the target!”  In this case, looks ARE everything.

And while we’re on the topic of missions, make sure you fly and learn from the training mission set. There are skills in there you will need to survive. Things like refueling (yes, it works), landing at night, carrier quals, night traps, and helicopter use. Don’t screw the pooch before you even get off the ground. Not that the intrepid staff at SimHQ don’t have all these skills, it’s just that we know they’re important. Night traps are still the best way to experience numbing fear coupled with tachycardia, so we suggest practice. Lots of practice.


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Aircraft Igniter Plug
$150.0 Aircraft Igniter Plug picture
Used Lord Mounts for Cessna 182
$100.0 Used Lord Mounts for Cessna 182 picture
flammable liquid hose (new)- Aeroquip « -3 » hose
$50.0 flammable liquid hose (new)-  Aeroquip « -3 »  hose picture
Cessna 182 (early) engine mount
$350.0 Cessna 182 (early) engine mount picture
Cessna 182 engine mount bushings and ground straps
$25.0 Cessna 182 engine mount bushings and ground straps picture

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