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Yankee Air Pirate 2

Closing Thoughts (for Now)

There is a lot more we plan to explore in future articles, but for now, here are some thoughts about our weekend with YAP2…

The visuals, the weapons, the mission briefings all give you a sense of “being there”. We attempted the first mission pack over a weekend of late nights with pizza, beer and the soft snoring of the family pets under the desk chair and came to an inescapable conclusion… No one’s made it more real than this.

There are many phrases in the simulation world for what’s coming next. Probably the most recognized is “suspension of disbelief”. It just means that for a while, you are able to believe that what you see on your monitor is real. All sims strive for this. It’s what draws people in and keeps them in their seats.

We see this as less a simulation and more a series of stories being told using a different media. It’s a good thing that this team adheres to the dictum of keeping the stories “as real as the memories of those who lived them”. YAP2 does this as the original YAP did — by telling great stories. These are stories about the men who flew the planes and faced the flak and the SAM’s. And they do it well. If you can go in and fly a mission that is real life, get to target, find it, destroy it, return to your carrier and actually land, that is an achievement. And perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll have a little more understanding of what it was like for the guy who really sat in the pilot’s seat.

Reviewer’s System Specs


  • Intel Q6600 Kentsfield Quad-Core Processor
  • 6GB DDR2 PC6400 memory
  • NVIDIA 9600GT 512MB video card
  • Saitek X45 HOTAS
  • CH Rudder Pedals
  • Vista Premium 64-bit


  • Intel E6600 dual-core processor
  • 2GB Crucial PC6400 DDR2 RAM
  • ATI Radeon 1950XL 512MB video card
  • Creative Audigy2ZS sound card
  • CH Products HOTAS
  • Windows XP 32-bit

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