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The Albatross at the Airfield


It will be a while yet before we see the final gold version of Rise of Flight, but based upon this build, it has every potential to be one of the classics. That is no guarantee of the final version, but it does show the development teams quality criteria. What they have done so far is combine good action, visuals, seemingly realistic flight models with a dose of surprise elements. But that doesn’t really sum-up what Rise of Flight is to this point. That can best be described with one phrase… it has heart. You can sense the labor of love that went into this one, and that is not always evident in games and simulations these days. Lets hope the team can finish with the same quality they have demonstrated so far and are permitted to invest the valuable time necessary to see the project through to completion the way they have envisioned it. If they do, I’ll be one of the first ones in the purchasing line.

Rise of Flight

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