Review: Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War

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Closing Thoughts

Rise of Flight can’t really be given a blanket sort of rating or recommendation, in my opinion, as it really depends on what one is into or what one is looking for.

Non-flight simulation person...

I’d give it a pass, to be honest. It’s flight sim geek territory, with a frustrating separate setup and options GUI, an FM / DM that really begs for “full difficulty,” and needs the full flight sim geek hardware trifecta (TrackIR / HOTAS / Pedals) to enjoy. If the IL-2 Series didn’t turn you into one of us, Rise of Flight will only teach you to hate us.

General flight simulation person...

You probably should buy it. Tweak time is right up there with sims that have more advanced command options, even though the only gauge you’ll have on some aircraft is a tachometer. The FM / DM / AI are strong enough to keep you at it with the four included flyable aircraft for several goes at each of the single missions and a campaign or two, making the price of admission well worth the enjoyment. Even if it ultimately turns out that you put it down after two or three weeks, it’s money well spent.

WWI flight simulation person...

You have to buy it. The planes really are alive in the air, and the visceral joy of wind and wire isn’t to be missed. You’ll instantly compare it to every other WWI or WWII flight simulation you’ve ever owned and spot what’s missing, but there’s a lot here that the others didn’t have as well. Heck, Rowan’s Flying Corps only had six flyables (seven in the Gold Edition) with four campaigns, and you’ve probably got the box sitting on the shelf, same as me. You won’t fly Rise of Flight every day, but you will fly it enough to surprise yourself.

Get Close.


  • Outstanding Flight Models
  • Graphics and Visual Effects
  • Auto Updating
  • Responsive Updating Process
  • Mission Builder Capability (we think)
  • Campaigns (Career)

Could Be Better:

  • Mission Loading Times
  • Full time Internet Authentication
  • No English Documentation for the Mission Builder
  • Clunky Controllers Setup
  • No "Quick Mission" Option (but a good community alternative solution by "Laser"!)
  • No Replay Function


Reviewer's System Specs

  • Processor: Core2Duo X6800 2.93GHz (OC'd to 3.02 GHz)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA 260
  • Audio Card: SoundBlaster X-Fi
  • Operating System: Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
  • NaturalPoint TrackIR 4PRO
  • Controllers: Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS and Saitek pedals


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