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Single Player

Single player has four basic ways to play now: Quick Mission, Single Mission, Campaign, and Career.

The Quick Mission Builder replaced the standard, included single mission tree for each aeroplane, and is one of the most clever, intuitive, and useful implementations for setting up some “let’s go fly” fun:

Quick Mission Generator

This is slicker than the proverbial snot on a doorknob — fully customizable, from the number in the flights (up to five per flight), type of aircraft in each one, skill levels, formation (and your place in formation if one doesn’t want to lead), load outs and skins for the planes in each one. They left an option in each for a random setting to allow one to be surprised at the start.

Quick Mission Generator

The center of the menu establishes altitudes the planes will start at, as well as their range from each other in several modes of play:

Quick Mission Generator

Changing altitude and distance between flights really makes each type of mission infinite in possibilities.

The top right drop down allows for switching maps.

Quick Mission Generator

The center is where one can pick different aerodromes (there are more available that aren’t shown here due to zoom) and pre-sets for mission types.

Below that are simple “grab and turn the dot on the wheel” adjustments for time of day and weather conditions, an option to customize the prefix of any recording one makes, as well as ground objects. Difficulty settings are to the far bottom right of the map.

Quick Mission Generator


Quick Mission Generator

This is definitely one of the best Quick Mission Builder GUI’s I’ve seen in a simulation. The cost was the loss of the stock single player missions (which was an odd decision), but they can be replaced thanks to a download Jason from 777 Studios provides.

Two Campaigns are now available — Hat in the Ring for the Entente and Du Doch Nicht for the Central powers for those looking for a tightly written series of missions with a historical context.

The Career option remains as it was at release. For all the complaints about how the Mother Russia Ship creates them (limited opposition at objectives, few “random” encounters to and from the objective, etc.) I spend most of my time flying them. In fact, I’ve started opening them up and slightly modifying them to make single missions that are, in my opinion, very immersive.

Squadron management and tracking remains non-existent.

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