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Preview Video

Shortly before this Preview was published, Shovsoft released a juicy video showing Lunar Flight’s features. Have a look!



  • Very addictive
  • Real physics
  • Very challenging in terms of handling the spacecraft in maneuvers
  • A true continuation of the classic game which means that game-play is fun

Could Be Better

  • Better support from the middle-ware company regarding joysticks
  • There’s gotta be a TMA-1 site somewhere!

For a preview article, I have spent quite a lot of attention and words on Lunar Flight, almost as much as for a full review.

It is important to stress that the game is still in development although you can get access to the current build through the Lunar Flight web site if you donate more than $5, which will go towards further development.

The web site also contains several videos explaining and detailing the functions and features as they are implemented. The videos are indispensable for better understanding how to fly Lunar Flight.

In it’s present stage of development, I think this is already a real winner. Once completed, it deserves to be a monster hit.

Previewer’s System Specs

  • Intel i7-920 processor
  • Gigabyte GA-EX58A-UD3R motherboard
  • 6 GB RAM (Kingston)
  • 1 TB internal hard disk + Western Digital External 300GB hard disk
  • NVIDIA GTX-275 with 191.07 drivers
  • Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D
  • NaturalPoint TrackIR 5
  • Onboard sound
  • Speakers: Creative 2.1
  • Headphones: SteelSeries 5HV2
  • Broadband 4096/512
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1


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