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Back to Page 1   Multiple Helos The selection of helos is a nice mix. From small and nimble to large heavy lift-capable platforms, there is something for nearly every role. The helicopters aren’t intended to be exact replicas of existing helicopters but incorporate recognizable features from a number of different helos in each category. The Light helicopter is almost, but not quite, entirely similar to the Hughes 369.

Take On Helicopters - Light helicopter

The Medium looks like it has an Agusta Westland AW139…

Take On Helicopters - Medium helicopter

…and a Huey UH-1 as not-so-distant cousins.

Take On Helicopters - Huey UH-1

The Heavy may have been inspired by the EH101 Merlin. Not being able to nail down the exact make of each helicopter makes it difficult to do a direct comparison of the flight models, but each model is gorgeous in its own right.

Take On Helicopters - Heavy helicopter

Difficulty Settings As with any good flight simulation, Take On Helicopters offers three different difficulty modes with pretty straight-forward and descriptive titles: Beginner, Trainee, and Expert. Each difficulty setting turns on or off a number of simulation helpers and features which can be further customized to each pilot’s needs, wants, dreams, and desires. In Beginner, simplified dynamics and loads of simulation helpers help novice players complete their missions without worrying too much about proper flight control etiquette. A virtual instrument panel lines the bottom of the display in all view modes helping the pilot keep track of the helicopter’s airspeed, altitude, and attitude. This setting is comparable to the “game” or “easy avionics” mode of other flight simulators.

Take On Helicopters - Beginner Mode

Trainee is a compromise between the Beginner and Expert modes: more of the flight dynamics are turned on adding more challenge, but enough assistance to enable a newbie helo pilot to still complete tasks and keep the helo in the air. The on-screen HUD from the Beginner mode is still present to help with situational awareness and orientation. Expert mode is where the authentic helicopter dynamics comes shining through, with no helpers, assistants, or interference (except, strangely enough, auto-hover). Even in the expert mode, the cockpit interfaces are “sim lite” in that they are not modeled down to individual switches and buttons like in other high-fidelity simulations. The focus of the sim is helicopter flight, not helicopter systems, and even this self-proclaimed buttonophile has no problem with that.

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