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Looking at it as a gamer, I recognized that FSX missions wouldn’t be something I would get bored with right off the bat. Indeed, if some of the missions hooked me in enough, I might even open a whole different section of FSX that includes a nearly complete flying syllabus with an instructor that will take you from your first takeoff, through instrument, commercial, and advanced maneuvers. I mean — how much value is that!!?

FSX - a nearly complete flying syllabus with an instructor.

The more I played the FSX missions as a “game” the more I realized what a failure Flight is (so far). Who is going to continue to shell out $7.00 for basically a 3D model of an airplane with no cockpit just to zoom around Hawaii with no real purpose to it? There is just so little game to the game of Flight, and so much game to FSX that it makes me wonder if the development team for Flight ever actually picked up FSX and played it to see what kind of gameplay they were up against. I get that Flight isn’t a simulation geared to simmers, but it doesn’t appear to be a game geared toward gamers either. Open the Missions tab in FSX however, and you’ll see dozens of hours of good flying gaming goodness right there. All for $35, and ready as of four years ago.

Your move Flight marketing team. May I suggest zombies? Zombies seem particularly popular right now.


FSX - More Game than "The Game"


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