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FM-2 fighters from USS White Plains during Marianas operation, 1944.

Part IV: Coffee Table Books

The Skull & Cross Bones Squadron: VF-17 in WW II
By Lee Cook
Schiffer Military History

If you love the Corsair and/or VF-17, this book is a “must have” for your library. Filled with detailed narrative and TONS of personal photos, this book is a great companion to any treatment of the Solomons Islands campaign. The majority of the photos are never-before-published shots from the pilots’ own personal cameras, and graphically depict the life of land-based fighter pilots in the Solomons. This is a great book.

Download a pdf of this article here (683 kb).

Photo Legend

Historic images used in the “Pacific Figters” Library Companion are a courtesy of The Naval Historical Center. The Center’s purpose is to provide information and news about the Naval Historical Center and naval history to the general public.

F6F-3 “Hellcat” takes off from USS Lexington, during Gilberts operation, 1943.
A SBD Dauntless gunner, 1943.
SB2C-3 aircraft over USS Hornet, January 1945.
F6F-3 fighters landing on USS Enterprise after strikes on Truk, February 1944.
LCdr. Paul Buie briefs pilots of VF-16 aboard USS Lexington, November-December 1943.
F6F-3 ready to take off from the USS Yorktown, November 1943.
TBM “Avenger” is catapulted from USS Makin Island.
FM-2 fighters from USS White Plains during Marianas operation, 1944.

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