A LOMAC Mission Report: The Nuclear Option Page 4

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The two in-flight 5V55 missiles... The two in-flight 5V55 missiles…
...are locked on the lead Tornado. …are locked on the lead Tornado.
"Bloody hell! I can't shake this damn thing!" “Bloody hell! I can’t shake this damn thing!”The Tornado punches off all external loads, its ALARM missiles, its BL-755 bombs.
...the second missile completes the job. Frantically, the British pilot maneuvers, to no avail. A hard turn away from the oncoming missile is matched, and a proximity explosion forces the crew to eject.And to add insult to injury, the second missile completes the job.

Twenty kilometers from target, and the air-defense suppression element is out of action. I shake my fist in frustration as we listen to Enfield 12 call for search-and-rescue helicopters from Gudauta. And the Georgians are not unscathed — one of the Su-25s, the one carrying most of the antiradar missiles for their flight — is down as well.

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