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Steadfast reports a large object bearing 164, distance unknown.”

All eyes turned to that bearing, seeing a bulky object against the nebula gases. “The carrier? No, that’s the wrong shape…” Grimes sounded confused. As the battle staff plotted the object’s location, Steadfast’s TAO came up on the squadron net. “Steadfast engaging Garrison Station.”

“Steadfast engaging Garrison Station.”

Elena focused her optics carefully, following the trace of her consort’s opening salvo of Nike missiles, to the unknown object. It was a station of some sort, and its lack of IFF meant it was enemy, without a doubt!

“Defense, shields one hundred percent! Communicator, sound action stations! Stand by to disconnect artificial gravity; Bosun’s Mate of the Watch, sound thirty-second alarm. Pilot, alter course to 164, three degree down angle, all ahead one third. TAO, advise Dauntless, engage Garrison Station!”

Defense, shields one hundred percent!

The action-stations gong began ringing its low, repetitive, urgent call to arms as Elena concentrated on the three-dimensional, multicolored display on her screen. They were in range of the ship’s most powerful weapons. The launch coordinator’s measured tones sounded in her earpiece. “Locking Athena, ready tubes one through four, launch consent.”

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