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On screen, Mahan was continuing to pound the station with her X-ray lasers, and Devastator with her twin grasers. Steadfast gracefully wheeled to withdraw, as did Parker, gracefully wheeling over the dying station with her engines at full power, trying to get to Devastator’sposition. The cruiser’s engines pulled her astern as she continued to fire, and with one final salvo from Devastator‘s grasers the station could take no more. It lit Garrison system with the flare of a dying sun as its reactors went super-critical.

...the station could take no more.

For this action, Elena Nakhimova would receive the Command Medal, an honor given only to leaders in command of a squadron.

Command Medal Player's Logbook

Sharshatter PDF excerpt.

That’s the back-story that John DiCamillo of Destroyer Studios designed for his recent release, the space-combat game Starshatter. I clipped it from the PDF manual that ships with the game. It really does describe what you can do in the game, too — it’s not just hype. And I’ve been playing Starshatter since about a week after its initial release. The game is now at version 4.0.2, its second patch. DiCamillo is continuing his efforts to update and improve the game. It gets better with every patch release and is already more stable than many large-house releases were in final form. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that he is basically alone in his effort to produce it. He does not have a large team to support him. Starshatter has been in development since 1997 thanks to this.

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