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Cooperative Multiplayer - Practical Tips

by Guest Writer Fran Mulhern


Another takeoff.


Firstly, this is not an article on Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM). For those of you interested, I would recommend either Shaw's Fighter Maneuvers and Tactics or, for a more concise explanation, Dan Crenshaw's "How to live and die in the virtual sky", available from here at Flight Sim Central. Instead, what this article is is an attempt by the writer to give some practical pointers to those of you who often fly multiplayer combat flight simulations cooperatively with others, whether as part of an organized 'squad' or simply with a group of friends on a more ad hoc basis. It is my hope that after reading this article you will have learned at least something that will contribute to making your online sessions more enjoyable. We all perform better the more we enjoy something — and flight sims are no different.

Please note that this article assumes two things. Firstly, that the flight simulation uses features from modern (third or fourth generation) combat aircraft. Large parts of this article will be applicable in any event, but the article is written specifically with those aircraft in mind. Secondly, that each member of your team has voice communications: I recommend Ventrilo, available here. Voice communications are, I believe, essential in promoting a cohesive multiplayer experience since it is really only by speaking in real time that each member of the mission can pass on, and receive, information and warnings.

I have split the article into sections, each providing some practical pointers in relation to specific 'phases' of your online experience. I again emphasize that this article sets out to be neither exhaustive nor definitive.

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