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Music can really set the tone of a film — whether it’s emotionally sweeping, exciting, or silly, it will add to your films, and help cover up minor bobbles and mistakes in your editing. I prefer to use muzak and polka, as everyone loves muzak and polka, right?

Just import music and drag it down to the Audio/Music line, cropping it off as you need to.

Since I was pretty well bounced, I’m going to poke a bit of fun at that with a cockpit shot and some smooth tune. Sinatra had a 9.6 on the “smooth” scale, so let’s hunt around our library. I’ll also show my bias towards the Allies by giving the bad guys some light music — good thing I scrounged up all that traditional German music!

Here it is, all put together with music and ready for final compiling:

All together with the music...

Click on “Save to My Computer” and select a size.

Pick the size of the playback file...

Note: Our just over three-minute-movie is twenty-six and half megabytes!

I really like the .wmv format, even though it’s not as high fidelity as other formats simply because everyone with Windows can play it. As a stupid person I have found that I can spend many hours searching for a codec to play a must-see four-minute video.

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