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Actually putting your video out on the web for enjoyment can be very costly — when it becomes popular, it will burn through many gigabytes of bandwidth in a very short time.

I rent a dedicated server for my own site because the throughput of videos can overwhelm resources. Most host providers have many sites on their servers and you can shut everyone else’s site down. Your host will return the favor. Trust me.

There are a few things you can do to help conserve bandwidth, though.

Always .zip your video files to prevent streaming. Our 26MB film, if allowed to stream, will take up 26MB the first time someone watches it. If they don’t save it down to their hard drive and decide to watch it again, the cache will update for another 26MB (52MB); if it’s shown to a coworker during lunch, that’s 78MB, and so on.

The other thing one can do is to get someone else to host it for you “OPB”. There is no bandwidth like Other People’s Bandwidth…


There are some great places to learn how to make movies properly, using advanced skills:

UbiSoft IL-2 Movie Maker’s Forum

Virtual War Cinema

These are two places one simply must visit. Both are friendly and helpful to those new to filmmaking.


Hopefully this tutorial has given you a quick familiarization of how to make a movie from your favorite flight sim and demonstrated that it’s not that hard or expensive.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your films!

Our little movie is located here (23.6MB)

BA_Dart’s web page is here.

Download a pdf of this article here (1.09MB).

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