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Tom's HiTiles for Falcon 4: Allied Force


You all have your opinions firmed up by now we hope. We wanted to give you the side-by-side comparisons without much comment, intentionally, so you see what looks best to your eyes. Now that we’re done, we’ll tell you what we think.

There is just no doubt that Tom’s HiTilesAF is a superior add-on for F4:AF. In terms of crispness, definition, color, road detail, city detail, the lessening of any perceptible repeating tile effect, it wins hands down. The stock terrain has certain areas that are just plain blurry, and are even worse down in the weeds. Tom's HiTiles for Falcon 4: Allied ForceThere are areas around airbases where the coloration doesn’t look right, it has a bluish tint to it which is kind of strange. We really liked what HiTilesAF does for mountains and hills. The 3D effect is much better, not to mention the elimination of the “tweed suit” pattern that annoyed us somewhat in the Balkans mountains. We also thought it had an edge in actual simulation utility, being able to pick out moving ground targets, albeit a slight edge. And don’t forget there’s a season switcher! We really didn’t comment much on this, but with HiTilesAF you will have the ability to make it whatever time of year you want, and it’s easy to do. For more comparison shots of the different season looks, please check out Tom’s web site.

For a simulation whose primary claim to fame is “immersion”, HiTilesAF delivers. It really helps you feel like you’re flying a combat jet, in Korea or the Balkans. We found little FPS hit in using it, no performance issues at all, on any of the three test machines. As we said, we were hoping for night lighting effects, but this is not a reflection on HiTilesAF. F4:AF stock terrain didn’t have it either.

The first official add-on for Lead Pursuit’s Falcon 4: Allied Force is available here at Tom Waelti’s web site. We found installation to be a snap and without a hitch. It comes in a 122MB zip file download (which plumps to a hefty 2GB once expanded), costs $12 USD and only $4 for repeat customers. Payment is by PayPal, credit card, or cash by mail.


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