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Su-7 Attack
Take that! Western imperialists!
One of the first mods: Major Lee’s black skinned flyable Su-7BM.

The desert was nice, but what about those searching for greener pastures? The first terrain mod was “Deuces Euro Tiles”, basically a repaint of the stock desert terrain for a more Euro feel.

F-4E Over Deuces Europe
Phantom vigilance over Deuces Europe.

Soon, the first of hundreds of brand new aircraft, some with complete cockpits, began to appear. The first of these with a cockpit was Armourdave’s F-105D.

AD’s F-105D AD’s Thud Pit.
The Republic F-105D Thunderchief by Armourdave. The office of the Thud.

So what was the reaction of the Flight Sim Community to the release of SF? Many people had (unreasonably) built up high expectations on what SF would be on release. Nothing is ever all we want, and these people set themselves up for a fall. And fall they did. Quite a lot of complaining emerged, thankfully most of these people moved on or accepted SF for what it was. Others left and came back to join in the so called Patch Wars, not a happy time for the SF Community.

We will revisit the heart and soul of SF, the mod-Community, later, but first we’ll take a look at the official updates.

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