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Carrier aircraft
Royal Navy Scimitar (by the SF A-Team of capun, Charles, Gramps, The Wrench, Kesselbrut and Wehner) overflies the HMS Ark Royal (by Hinchinbrooke).

Service Pack 3 – The Third Patch

TK continued to support his product vigorously, and the third patch was released to the Community around the time of the release of Wings Over Vietnam in early November, 2004. Patch 1 for the Gold version was also released at this time, bringing the Gold to SP3 level.

The most exciting development in this patch was the advent of carrier operations for SF, clearly ported over from WoV. Approximately 30 other enhancements were provided, including such things as thrust vectoring, variable geometry wings, and improved prop FM’s (very important due to the advent of World War Two aircraft for SF).

Sea harrier F-111
Thrust vectoring lives! Sea Harrier by Team Harrier. Swing Wings! 9/10ths the speed of sound at 100’. F-111 By Paco, Charles and Gramps.
Bent wing bird!
Corsair by WOLF257, skin by Gramps.

Two more small patches have been issued so far:

Patch 3.1

Issued mid May 2005, approximately 15 updates were included, which fixed some known issues with the game such as campaign attrition bug and multiplayer co-op bug.

Patch 3.2

This small patch was issued at the start of July 2005, and has approximately 13 small bug fixes and enhancements, the most lauded being that laser guided bombs now acted as they should.

LGB on the way! F-15I by Paco, Gramps and Charles. LGB by WPNSSGT

Service Pack 4 is being worked on, but as TK and Team are currently working on a World War One flight sim, it has a low priority. Rest assured though, it may not happen overnight, but it will happen!

SF Gold patches 2 and 3 correspond to the above.

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