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Korean War – 1950’s

F-86 MiG-15
F-86 Sabre by Dan Waldrep and Dave Zurawski What would an F-86 be without a MiG-15? MiG-15 by Pasko and Column 5. This skin by me.
F-86 Pit
F-86 Sabre pit by Dan and Dave.

1960’s and Vietnam

F-8E Su-15
F-8E Crusader by “The Gunfighters” F-8 Development Team: Lobo mau, Volksjager, and Column5. Sukhoi Su-15 FlagonF, one of the first all new Soviet Bloc aircraft, by Boopidoo, Volksjager, Hawkwind and Eruyi.
Crusader pit
Crusader cockpit by “The Gunfighters”.

1970’s/80’s – The Start of the Digital Computer Age

Tomcat MiG-29A
Grumman F-14 Tomcat by “The Mirage Factory” of BPAO, Column5, Aaron Swindle, USAFMTL, and Sundowner. Mikoyan MiG-29A Fulcrum by WPNSSGT and Column5.
Tomcat Cockpit.
Tomcat Cockpit, complete with
Heads Up Display by Team ArmourDave.

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