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The terrain over which we fly has come from being decidedly average in the initial release to things of beauty, the equal in any sim. There are currently around 40 complete terrain sets (in addition to the actual land and sea you fly over, objects such as tanks and ships are specific to each), and as with the aircraft mods in SF, all time periods from the 40’s to the present are catered to. You can fly any theater in World War Two, Korea (both 50’s and current), Vietnam, Europe of many flavors (and seasons), northern Australia, the Middle East, and anywhere from the Arctic Circle to Cuba and in between. You can also practice your skills on a Weapons Range terrain!

World War Two PTO DAP Mk21 Beaufighter by the SF A-Team over New Guinea terrain set, World War Two Pacific Theater of Operations, by Edward.
EAW Euro terrain
SAAB Draken’s by Lud von Pipper, BPAO, Sony Tuckson, Crab_02 and Column5 over EAW Winter Thaw Euro terrain originally by Max188 and imported into SF by fng2k & Keith Bedford — EAW Euro Terrains for SF come in all seasons!
Weapons Range
Convair B-58A Hustler by Pasko, Column5, Pappychecksix and Howling1 over full realistic USAF Weapons Range, by Deuces and Bunyap.
DBS terrain Tri Blue Su-7BM skin by Marcello over the Danger! Bering Straits Terrain by Major Lee and Polak.
Madagascar Su-17 Fitter C’s by ArmourDave, Sal and Column5 over the Madagascar Terrain by Deuces and USAFMTL.
DRV A-7B Corsair II by AD, Sal, Rafael and Column5 over the DRV Vietnam Terrain by Gepard.
Korea F-80C by Pasko, Column5 and Gramps over the Korean terrain by Charles, Keith Bedford, Gramps and Edward.

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