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Offline campaigns are where most of the action is in SF. Campaigns exist for all the new terrain sets, for both Allied and Axis, red and Blue Teams, depending on your preference!

Some of the Campaigns include, as voted by the Community:

KAW Mainscreen from the Korean Air War Campaign by Edward, FNG2k, Charles, Keith Bedford, and Gramps.
1962 Kout
Mainscreen for the 1962 Euro Campaign by Charles, Keith Bedford, Spankybaby, JerseyD and Major Lee.
Mainscreen for Danger! Bering Straits Campaign by Major Lee, Polak, Deuces, RussoUK2002, Big Beer, Pasko, MontyCZ, Jeff Bell, Jack Ralston and Bil Waldheim.
WW2 PTO Mainscreen for upcoming set of World War Two PTO Campaigns by Edward, Charles, Gramps, capun, Geo, Hinchinbrooke and Marcello.
Iran-Iraq Mainscreen for the Iran-Iraq Campaign, by USAFMTL, MK2, Kout, Sundowner, Sony Tuckson, Charles, Bpao, Marcfighters, ArmourDave, Crab_02, Mago, Badger343, Fubar512, WPNSSGT, Tomcat74, C5, Wrench, Phamtuan and Spectre_USA!
Taiwan Mainscreen for Taiwan Straits 1958 Campaign by Edward, Dave Zurawski, C5, WPNSSGT, Russo, Gramps, Hinchinbrooke, Volkswagen, AD, Crab, capun, Monty, Pasko, Bunyap, Sundowner, Major Lee, ghostrider, Deuces, Geo, bpao, Charles, fng2k, Wolf257, DO, Fubar, USAFMTL, Torquatus, Pappychksix!

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