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Vehicles and Other Land Objects

Everything from squads of infantry, to SA-7 MANPADS, to Main Battle Tanks, new buildings, trucks, artillery, the lists go on and on. Whatever the theater and time period, it’s populated by user made objects.

Merkava Leo2
Merkava Mk1 by Marcello. Leopard 2 By Kesselbrut, skin by Gramps
20mm Gun Emplacement by GEO.

Ships / Submarines

From destroyer escorts to cruisers to aircraft carriers, U-Boats to Boomers (ballistic missile boats), liberty ships to tankers, SF abounds with water going craft to shoot at — and get shot at by!

Victorious Ohio
Aircraft carrier HMS Victorious (Post-war Mod) by Hinchinbrooke. SSBN USS Ohio by Marcello.
Soviet Rocket Kreyser Kynda
by the capun, Gramps and Mikewhl.

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