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Weapons Pack

It would get pretty boring (and be horribly inaccurate) if the same twenty weapons or so in the original release were available for all weapons systems now available. So, we have new weapons, brought to the Community by quite a few SF modders under the auspices of the SF Weapons Pack Team (led by WPNSSGT and Bunyap). Currently SF supports up to 1000 different weapon types, ECM pods, targeting pods, navigation pods, aircraft specific drop tanks, ejector racks, gun pods and many other pieces of equipment. The WPT are fast approaching that limit, and an urgent request has been made to TK to get that limit upped to 10,000! We might not need that many, but who knows! There is also talk of the Weapons Pack being produced in two versions (World War Two-Korea, and Post Korea-Current) until the weapons limit can be increased.

Some of the new weapons include, as voted by the Community:

Penguin Walleye
NATO Weapons Trials 1: Tornado launches Norwegian Penguin ASM by WPNSSGT. NATO Weapons Trials 2: Tornado drops American Walleye TV Guided Bomb by WPNSSGT..
Bullpup AS2
NAT0 Weapons Trials 3: Tornado launches American Bullpup AGM by Bunyap. Tu-16 Badger by Pasko, Column5, Howling1 and Marcello launches the AS-2 Kipper anti-ship missile.
Badger launches AS-4 Kitchen supersonic ASM.

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