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Overall Opinions and Recommendations

Given the increasing number of add-ons for IL-2 the question has to be asked; which add-on is the best one for me? This is a good question. I have looked at three add-ons; this one, Fall Blau and The Last Days. Each had its strong points and weak points. Aces Campaigns compares favorably to most of the for sale campaigns that I have looked at.

If you have IL-2:FB and haven’t purchased the Aces Expansion Pack then this right now is one of the few add-ons that will work out of the box. Most of the others require AEP to work. I doubt there are few that have Forgotten Battles but don’t have AEP but I suppose there are some. I figure if someone has the money for the Aces Campaigns they probably have had the money already for AEP.

As I said earlier this is probably the only pack right now that concentrates on the Western portion entirely. TLD has some west front action and there are quite a few free add-ons as well but Aces Campaigns is the only one that concentrates as a whole. If you have no interest in the East Front (shame on you) then I would suggest this game.

As for wanting to play a game with buddies, you probably will want to look somewhere else. Many of these missions can be retrofitted to allow for online flight and many of them would actually be good for coop games. In all honesty I think they may have missed the boat with this add-on. Many people will go out and get BOBII for their offline fix, Aces Campaigns could have made for some decent online gameplay. Call this a suggestion to the developers, but maybe a patch to take advantage of the interest in BOBII may actually help.

On its own merits though the add-on is a solid choice. Like every other campaign pack it won’t revolutionize your gaming life or make you forget about other sims but it is a pretty good way to waste a few hours of your life.


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