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Real world King Air B200 Aeroworx B200

Inside the outer marker now we can see the power plant on Lake Julian just off the left side of the final approach path to runway 16 at AVL.

With full flaps selected I make sure we have three greens, props forward, synch off, yaw damper off, and we are cleared to land.

Real world King Air B200 Aeroworx B200

Touching down in Asheville it’s another successful flight. The nice thing about the Aeroworx B200 is that I don’t have to complete the 30 minutes of post flight paper work after I shut down!

Real world King Air B200 Aeroworx B200

In summary I can say that if you are looking for one of the most accurate aircraft ever modeled for Flight Simulator 2004 you need look no further than the Aeroworx B200. Version 2.0 improves a few of the small things that needed fixing from Version 1.0 but more than that it adds a tremendous amount of new stuff to the package. The upgrade to 2.0 is free for owners of 1.0 so for those of you that already owned the package you are getting a great new derivative of the B200 for your stable.

In speaking with Henning over one of our many lunches at Jersey Mike’s or Chili’s, we both agree that the B200 (both simulated and real life) is an outstanding aircraft. It has a great mix of load hauling capability and range that makes it an outstanding platform for everything from executive transport to cargo utility hauling. I’ve never met a King Air pilot that didn’t like flying the B200 and I suspect that it is the flexibility and diversity of flying the B200 and the ever changing aeromedical role that has kept me very happy in my current occupation.

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

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