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The pop-up overhead panel contains the various buttons and switches necessary to bring the PC-12 to life. I love the pushbutton type of switches that illuminate to show the system status. Integrating the annunciator with the switch is becoming the standard in modern aircraft as it eliminates having to move a switch then look elsewhere to determine the status of the selection. The overhead contains aircraft lighting, fuel and start switches, icing, and electrical switches among others.

Pilatus PC-12

A pop-up window also pulls up the engine controls, flaps, gear, and trim displays. Starting the PC-12 is as simple as turning on the battery, pressing the starter and when the engine stabilizes, adding the fuel by moving the condition lever forward out of cut-off into ground idle.

Pilatus PC-12

The engine gauges (EIS – Engine Instrument System) can be expanded in the 2D cockpit to give a bit better clarity. Almost everything about the health of your PC-12 is available on this display, from engine operating parameters, to fuel considerations, to electrical loads. The format is modern and easy to read.

Pilatus PC-12

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