Falcon 4.0: Allied Force – Part 3 Page 12

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Falcon11 in hot

Things are happening very fast now, not that they weren’t before! Falcon11 rolls across the runway and drops on the radar. The rocket exhaust from the Durandals and the black smoke from their impact hang in the air as he does.

Falcon11 radar bomb run.

The radar site blows completely apart and Falcon11 comes off target in the same direction as me. Not sure that was real bright on the mission planner’s part. And I am keeping score.

Falcon 11 radar hit.

Suddenly, Falcon12 appears, and the radar having been blown to smithereens, rapidly shifts targets to a fuel tank and releases his MK-82’s on it.

Falcon12 bombs on fuel tank.

I don’t realize it at the time, but Falcon11 has dropped more bombs than just the radar site, that’s a house on the other side of the fields up in flames. Amazing AI!

Falcon 12 fuel tank hit.

Falcon12 destroys the fuel tank and drops the rest of his loadout.

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