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Online Play

For online players, Ostfront utilizes the online campaign generator NGen for the following four campaigns.

  • Historical Murmansk 1941 Campaign
  • Historical Murmansk 1944 Campaign
  • Host’s Choice Murmansk 1941 Campaign
  • Host’s Choice Murmansk 1943 Campaign

The available online campaigns are a good translation from the single player campaigns and are sure to please. Some will notice instantly the lack of online campaigns for the Kurland map. The reason why no Kurland campaigns are included is due to fact that the NGen generator has not been updated to include the Kurland map. Unless there is huge push of requests from the fan base, it’s unlikely that NGen will see any future updates due to the number of different online virtual wars available.

In Conclusion

The inevitable question that arises after any product review is “Should I buy this?”

For the single player who enjoys the Eastern Front with the game’s default generator, Ostfront is a must have. For without it, you’d be missing out not only on two major areas of operations, but two of the most unique maps in the game. Long term, Ostfront is likely to receive continued support from its development team as Forgotten Battles receives future updates. I believe IL-2 enthusiasts will agree that Ostfront is a welcome addition to the series.

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