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Pe-2 and Pe-3 for IL-2 Forgotten Battles


The Pe-2 was the main bomber of the Eastern Front and is very welcome as a flyable aircraft. It played a major role in all the campaigns of the war from the defense of the Crimea in the south to the frozen wastes of the far north. It was central to many of the most dramatic strikes — the Petsamo bridge that cut off the German advance on Murmansk, the Niobe strike at Kotka, the Libau attacks and many more. It served as a bomber, reconnaissance aircraft and, less successfully, a heavy fighter.

There are certainly some things that could have been better — documentation, payload, some parts of the cockpits.

However there are many things done very well indeed — the flight model, damage model, new bombsight, the cockpit as a whole and the superlative ground objects. The nicest surprise of all comes from the excellent campaigns which I shall enjoy playing again.

This is an add-on that Eastern Front pilots will love and others should try.

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