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Q: Will there be any improvements that have been developed for SoW:BoB in terms of sounds and graphics that will make their way into the FB game engine with these add-ons?

A: SoW:BoB will be completely new sim, based on a brand new next-generation engine. It will not be backwards-compatible with the IL-2 series. We just use there the experience that we were getting during long 5 years of IL-2 series on the market (Long enough for the game software product isn’t it?)

Q: Has the integrating of the expansions into the IL-2: FB/PF software seriously distracted the development of SOW: BoB and delaying its release?

A: No. My 3 guys were periodically busy with these add-ons. They were incorporating all things that we received from RRG. However it doesn’t means that their work was easy…

Q: What is the current projected release date for SoW:BoB?

A: Q4 2007

Thank you Oleg for addressing our questions. We’re looking forward to both add-ons and “Storm of War: Battle of Britain“.

The new video today from Oleg is a special treat. The ” IL-2 Sturmovik:1946″ add-on video was produced especially for this interview with SimHQ. The file size is 104MB. You can download it from here. Please right click on the link and select “Save Target As…” to download.


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