E3Expo 2006 Thursday’s Report

SimHQ Reporting Team: “Chunx”Tom “20mm” Hayden,
Jim “Hornit” CampisiDoug “guod” Atkinson

E3Expo 2006Today started off far too early once again — especially for guod. It was the very witching hour of morning when guod, feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from his peaceful slumber of three hours, was awakened by a phone call. It was someone calling from the east coast, where the local time was a normal business working hour of 8:30 AM. Someone who failed to realize that 8:30 Eastern time meant 5:30 AM Pacific time, and that, for guod during E3 week, normal working times can extend to 3:00 AM — which they did. None too happy, he nevertheless took the call. Needless to say, it was a little tough to get our fearless leader out the door and into the car. But, energized with a coffee, the SimHQ reporters got their web boss up and running for another torturous day of slogging through the mass of humanity that swarms E3. Fortunately, he had us for support and consolation. “Us”, as in the rest of the SimHQ Staff, the sympathetic guys we all know and love, mercilessly razzed guod for the duration of Day 3. Simulated yawns, exaggerated stretches and groans, comments such as “Dude! Two hours of sleep is waaaay too many for me!” and “Alarm clocks? Never use ’em!” were the order of business. Along with our Day 3 E3 3:00 AM coverage (Dude! That’s waaaay too many “3”‘s!), which follows.

Day 3 of SimHQ’s E3 adventure was HUGE — the best so far, with lots of fascinating interviews with some of the leading developers and manufacturers in our genre. In order to have the best chance of capturing it all in print, Chunx, 20mm and Tom opted for the “take out pizza and beer option” tonight, so our write ups should be pretty colorful. Or at least unintelligible. Luckily, you can’t get pizza grease or beer stains on HTML code. So before the beer makes it to our blood stream, here goes!

We still cannot locate any booth babes. They’re just not at E3Expo 2006. What a shame.

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