E3Expo 2006 More Images and Videos

We finally got some time to go through the remaining images and videos from our week long experience at E3Expo 2006. Note that all images and videos representing games (okay, “sims”) are works-in-progress and subject to changing before they land on your hard drive.


Click here to view around sixty images in slide show format from the show. The link will open a new window. Yes, some new “non-booth babe” images are included.

Video Clips

Please right click on the link and select “Save Target As” to download.

FSX – A short clip of “Hornit” flying over the desert in FSX. File size 4.7MB

GTR2 – Four spliced-together clips showing the new sim (and Chunx) in action. File size: 9.43MB.

Armed Assault – An excerpt from our E3 meeting. Note: audio has been muted. File size: 14.4MB.

Out Takes – Oh the life of an E3 reporter. 😉 File size: 15.9MB.

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