My Sim’s Super – Your Sim Sucks!

Or Rancor in the Ranks, Part II

by Tom “20mm” Hayden


The following is a hypothetical conversation from an imagined thread with the made up title, “Which is better, Sim X or Sim Y?”

Poster A:        Hi, I’m new here and I was wondering, which sim is better, Sim X or Sim Y?

Poster B:        Oh God, here we go again…

Poster C:        Come on, answer the question for crying out loud. The guy is asking for some advice!

Poster D:        IBTL!

Poster A:        Did I ask something wrong?

Poster C:        No, some people just react that way out of habit. IMO you can’t go wrong with either of them. Sim X is older, it’s a study sim (you only get one basic aircraft), the graphics aren’t cutting edge, but its dynamic campaign, flight model, and depth are the stuff of legend. Sim Y has great graphics, if you have the system to run it, you get a variety of aircraft to fly, including a naval variant so you can have carrier ops.  Lots of people prefer the flight modeling and variety it offers. If your budget can handle it, I’d get them both.

Poster E:         What simulated planet are you calling from?!! There is only one hardcore sim, and that is Sim X. Everybody knows that, and everything else, including Sim Y is arcade junk. Sim Y was wrecked from the start and anybody that says otherwise is taking a whiz on your shoe and telling you it’s raining.

Poster B:        I knew it. Do we have to go through this crap again?

Poster F:         E, you’re an idiot. Why do you have to come in here and pound on Sim Y every chance you get? You don’t know anything about flight models, you lose every single argument you start and you’re going to lose this one. So, just quit now. Loser.

Poster E:         I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, who’s paying you to spout that crap? Sim Y has been patched, what, about 20 times now? Every time they charge dupes like you for the privilege and it still isn’t fixed. I’ll bet you can’t wait for number 21 and the opportunity to fork over another $30. Damn fanboys.

Poster D:        IBTL! IBTL!

Poster A:        Wow, I didn’t mean to stir up trouble, I just wanted a fun sim to fly. Thanks anyway, I think I’ll try Sim Z.

Poster G:        Z’s king of the arcade crap fliers.

Poster F:         E’s king of the asshat fliers.

Poster E:         I hate you.

Poster F:         You moron!

Moderator:     And another one bites the dust.

[locks thread]

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