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January 25, 2007

Best of 2006
The SimHQ Staff pick the winners from this past year.

Comments and Analysis by Frank "BA_Dart" Geiger
and Tom "20mm" Hayden


Well, gentle reader, another year has slipped by us all, leaving behind some of the finest simulations to be produced since, well, at least 2005. At SimHQ, we’ve tried to cover them all with reviews, discussion, and far fewer locked threads than we predicted.

SimHQ's Best of 2006Owing to the nature of the web site which covers everything from flight to driving fast to computer emulators [Editor: They’re called consoles, Dart] we’re going to break it down by category, nominations in alphabetical order, and the winners, with brief comments to say why they made the grade. Note that sometimes a mod to a simulation competed directly with whole games, as they can change the “basic” simulation into a real gem. Where SimHQ had a review, there is a hyperlink to relevant article.

Flight - Air Combat

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

An old friend revisited, Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory is reworked, and repackaged as a new simulation for good reason, BoB II reminded us of how we got hooked on flight sims to begin with. We recommend you watch the movie, then fly the sim. On so many levels it delivers and will fill that "wish I were there" itch. SimHQ review link.

EECH / EEAH v1.8

The helicopter simulation got a huge boost, reinvigorating the our whirlybird friends’ excitement in the series. Wow, if you haven't looked at this "old friend" lately, do yourself a favor, it is an evolving piece of simulation art.

First Eagles: The Great War 1918

WWI aviation fans were given yet another chance to hear wind through wires with this simulation. As with all the Third Wire sims, an open modders dream and the possibilities are endless. Enjoy WWI fans, enjoy. SimHQ preview link.

IL-2: Forgotten Battles, 1946 Expansion DVD

Barely making it into 2006, the “Soup to Nuts” compilation DVD brought the entire IL-2: FB sim onto one disk, including the Manchuria and hypothetical 1946 expansions; a fitting end to a legacy of the series has been established. SimHQ review link.

IL-2: Forgotten Battles, 1946 Expansion DVD

2006 Winner

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory by an adroit Split-S and Immelman.

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

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