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Feature: Best of 2006
The SimHQ Staff pick the winners from this past year.

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Naval Combat

S.C.S. Dangerous Waters

Available on Steam as well as in a boxed version, modern naval combat brought to the next level. Only thing, I could never remember which is left and right, in nautical terms. Port's left, right? SimHQ European launch link.

Distant Guns

One of the best naval sims you’ve never played. WWI destroyers and battleships duking-it-out old school style. You may not realize those guns are distant when they go off in your ear. SimHQ review link.

Distant Guns

2006 Ship Simulator

A sleeper that came from nowhere, it proved to be more fun than expected moving big, slow ships around in tiny areas. SimHQ review link.

2006 Winner

Sneaky with its torpedo when the Russians weren’t looking, the latest iteration of Dangerous Waters sinks the competition.

Dangerous Waters

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