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Feature: Best of 2006
The SimHQ Staff pick the winners from this past year.

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Great physics engine, beautiful graphics and sounds to die for, this one was a highly anticipated follow to the classic GTR. With all the tracks and the cars to go with it, a racer school and so many extra features designed to draw the sim driver, it is something you have to witness to appreciate.SimHQ review links here, here and here.

netKar PRO

An absolutely hard-core simulation for the hard-core aficionado and there is no room for gimmicks and tricks. It attempts to break new ground for driving simulations and surely that is worth an extra star or two. SimHQ review link.

netKar PRO


A "Sim Noire" because of rather dark interiors and sparse lighting, the ”pushing-of-the-envelope” is more in the eye-candy department, than in new game-features or innovation resulting in some pretty steep hardware demands if you wish to bump up the graphical goodness. In need of some finishing patches.

rFactor v1150

Challenging, fun, and with terrific multiplayer support, it’s a favorite of the SimHQ weekend warriors, rFactor 1150 in fact felt like an evolution worthy of a ”2”-tag at the end; as in rF2. It includes the BMW Sauber F1 for example. There's no room to go into all the mods for it — but if it's auto racing, there's an rFactor 1150 mod for it, or one just around the bend.

Live for Speed S2

Another simulation that was also treated to an update worthy of the ”2”-tag, but in LFS the numbering works with letters instead so it was known as the S2 update. SimHQ preview link.

2006 Winners

GTR2 and rFactor 1150 share the winner’s circle in a photo-finish tie. Thankfully, netKar kept its tongue in to avoid us having to make an animated film about it.



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