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New Features

First up is the posting icons. 6 types, including “No icon”. Use these to set the tone of a new thread you’re starting. Default is a book page. But there’s an “important”, “light bulb”, “thumbs up”, and a “thumbs down”.

Posting Icons.

The full reply views now have post edit buttons where you can change the text size, bold, underline, create a list, and more. Not applicable to the Quick Reply, but is applicable to any reply that doesn’t have a “quick” in the name set. This is a big change and rather under-appreciated so far. But then, I like buttons, buttons, who’s got the buttons…

Full Reply Menu.

To expand a little bit on the previous, in each post down in the lower right, you will see “edit”, “reply”, “quote”, “quick reply”, “quick quote”, and “notify”.

Most of those are self-explanatory, and you’ll soon see the difference between those with the “quick” in the title versus those with “no quick”. Doh.  But, take a look at the “notify” button. Now, you can “notify” (hmmm, wonder why they picked that title?) the forum moderators of any situation you think they should be aware of, along with comments about what/why/where/whom/how. Pretty cool, another tool for our moderators and we hope one that will help keep the forums running smoothly.

In the forum view, there’s a number of Replies versus Views. I’ve always been fascinated by this, because I’m a forum geek I suppose, and I have derived different ratios about topics, the number of views versus replies, from various forums that support this feature. At one time I formulated about a 13 view to 1 reply was pretty darn good. But hey, I’ll have to recheck this!

There’s a right side bar, which you can toggle on or off in your “My Stuff” >”Preferences”, that contains a who’s on line list, a calendar, search box, and more.

The "My Stuff" dropdown.


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