E for All 2007 Report on Day 1

by Tom “20mm” Hayden


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lonely, I’m Mister Lonely
I have nobody
Here in LA, heyayyyy,
I’m just so lonely…

With sincere apologies to Bobby Vinton, I am pleased to begin SimHQ’s coverage, or premature coverage, of the inaugural E For All event.

E for AllWelcome to beautiful downtown Los Angeles, where we will once again be taking you on a virtual trip into the LA Convention Center, also known as the Staples Center, for some simulation goodness. It’s early, the day before the event actually, but I’m excited to be here. We’ve got some interesting things planned, and maybe a surprise or two along the way.

It’s a lot like E3 2006, except, it’s not E3. It’s a new event, held at the same location.

And of course, there’s no guod, Chunx, Hornit, or BeerCamel. While I certainly miss them, their experience and expertise, their good cheer, I will carry on. I plan on meeting up with fellow SimHQ Staff member 531 Ghost tomorrow and I can’t wait. We didn’t make connections at last year’s event due to real life responsibilities, but when duty calls, Ghost answers.

Certainly, we’ll be at the CH Products booth, so if you’re in LA and attending the event, drop in and say hi to Michael, Ghost, and Debby. I believe you already know that Matt Wagner will be there as well, and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with Matt and talking about the latest developments in his world.

Yes, you know what I’m talking about, and it is DCS Black Shark!

Other stuff I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Honestly, there’s a lot in flux at this point, but if the stars and planets align, it will be just simply awesome.

So, back to my lonely hotel room… but wait… who’s that?

Baghdad Bob?

Yes, indeed, it is. Bob and I met up at the Fry’s Electronics store in Manhattan Beach earlier today. I was buying a digital camera to replace the one I broke last night when I touched it… a sad but true story.

Bob was buying a new plasma TV to take home with him, and as it turns out, was staying at the same hotel!

What are the odds? I’m sitting here typing this out, and knocking at the door is Bob.

“Bob, how are you, keeping well?”

“Mr. 20mm, I keep very well. You should know that. You are a nice man, a very nice man, but please, do not call me Bad.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. Are you planning on attending this year’s E For All?”

“Certainly, Mr. 20mm, may I call you Mr. 20?”


“Certainly Mr. 20. I will be there, to further document the absence of booth babes. As you will no doubt recall, my analysis last year at E3 was 100% accurate.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember it quite that way but you could be right about this year.”

The usual SimHQ FBO for events in LA“Thank you for you kindness. You are a very good man, very good.”

“Bob, I went outside a little bit ago and took this picture of our hotel. Pretty good, isn’t it?”

“Mr. 20mm, how could you do this? Do you not realize that global positioning satellites are watching us, uh me, all the time? And now you have compromised my security and that could only mean a 2,000 pound guided bomb will come hurtling through that window over your left shoulder anytime now!”

“Anytime now?”


“Thanks Bob, I have to go and change hotels and my shorts now. See you tomorrow.”

“Not if I see you first Mr. 20mm. Bad man, very bad man.”

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