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Forum Changes (continued)

Closed Groups

Here’s one you may not know about. See that bronze triangle on the right side of the different groups header? Click one of them. When you’re logged-in, you can close the view on different sections of the forums to your preference. This will be retained as your setting until you log out.

Close a group


We want to thank all of you for the many, many posts, emails and PMs we’ve received thanking SimHQ for fixing the “wart” known as “the search function”. Yeah, it’s not an add-on or a new feature, but judging by how much you all have shown your appreciation for us finallygetting it not only working but working reasonably well, it was certainly worth the time, effort, and money spent getting it fixed.

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This one you probably already know, but just in case you don’t… In the lower-left of each post is “Top”. When you click it you go back to the top of the page so it’s not necessary to scroll back up. Also, at the bottom of every thread are three navigation buttons: Previous Topic, Index, and Next Topic. Index will take you back to a forum view of all threads in that forum. Very handy.

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“Jump to” Thread Option

One of the custom features we’ve added is allowing you to select where you can return to a thread. You can either start at the very beginning of the thread or where you last left off with the thread. To select your setting, go to: My Stuff > Profile > then scroll down to “Topic title URL (0 – jump to 1st post, 1 – jump to 1st unread)”. Change it to “1” and click the submit button at the page bottom.

Problems with PMs? Clean House!

If you’re having problems with your SimHQ PMs or other settings, clean out your browser history, temp files and expire the cookies for SimHQ. To expire the SimHQ cookies, go to: My Stuff and select “Cookies” from the bottom of the dropdown menu. Then click on the “Expire Cookies” button. As it says in the menu: “Expiring (deleting) the cookies set in your browser by this board may be useful if you suspect that they are damaged or the board is malfunctioning for you. Expiring these cookies will do NO harm, but it will log you out of the board. Once you log in and start using the board again, new cookies will be set automatically.” And remember, if you’re having trouble receiving PM’s be sure you’re NOT over the 100 PM inbox limit.

Expire Cookies

Tooltips Option

This is one of those love or hate features, so the default is set to “off”. But if you like to preview what is in a post, go to: My Stuff > Profile > then scroll down to “Show Tooltip (0 – no, 1 – yes)” Also, in the search results windows you can now choose to have Tooltips show a preview window that shows the initial description of content. Cool.

Automatic Image Sizing

Another blessing or curse depending on your point-of-view. For years we have been getting members complaining about having to side scroll threads in the forums because someone gets a new video card and insists on publishing a HUGE image inside the forums. This of course drives all other viewers crazy who have less than the contributors 2550 pixel wide resolution when they have to side scroll back-and-forth like they were watching a tennis match. So now the board will auto size the images to 950 pixels. That is the same size we have been posting image shots for articles (with a few exceptions) for years, and it’s the minimal size for readers who view at 1024×768 resolution. If you’re going to include an image in a thread or tell a good story in the After Action Reports Forum, please size your images to 950 pixels wide so they’ll look as beautiful as the originals.

Media Tags

Want to embed a video clip in a thread? This new version has a built-in capability for generating the tags in the post markup panel. Try it!

Media tags now available

Personalize Your Title

Registered members can now create their own Custom Titles with up to 50 characters. Go to: My Stuff > Profile > then scroll down to: “Custom Title”. Just don’t get too weird, okay?

Best of the Rest – Other New Settings and Features

Other new features and settings include:

A “Hop to” dropdown list at the top of the forum page that will allow you to jump from forum-to-forum.

New “My Stuff” additions include “Buddies” and “Feeds”. There is also a “Subscriptions” button that is inactive (because SimHQ remains 100% free).

“Active Topics” now has three categories instead of two. The new one is titled “Unanswered Posts”.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring “My Stuff” and checking over the new settings and features that with this version of the forum.

Now lets move to other new stuff at SimHQ.

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